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Life is too relaxing – 4th day in Vietnam

Over the past four days of my vacation in Vietnam, I’ve finally experience the “slowing down of time” again.

My days were decently productive, with many options of delicious foods and drinks. So far, I’ve been eating a lot of street foods and many of which are sweet and salty.

Beside delicious foods that satisfied my belly, it was great to see everyone again. Most of my older cousins are now old enough to drive the motor bike; thus, it was very convenient for us to drive around the city without depending on the adults. Technically, we’re all adults now, but it doesn’t seems like it. Hahaha.

I am very blessed to have cousins that are not “users”. Unlike many people in Vietnam, my cousins did not take the fact that my family has more money because we’re from the US and used us to pay for their meals. In fact, they’ve been inviting us to dinners and drove us around the city using money out their own pockets. These are simply amazing people.

It’s now 7:16 AM (Saturday, June 20th, 2015) in Vietnam and Im writing this blog in report of yesterday’s events.

Trieu just called me t get ready for dimsum with Dì  Xuân. Can’t wait!

Here are some pictures of yesterday from my phone.

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