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WEEK 15: Conversation with Classmate – Anna Floresca

annaAnna is a freshman at CSULB. Similar to me, she is also a pre-nursing major and a crafter. As you can predict, we spent the majority of our time talking about those two topics.

Anna is taking the same path as I did when I was a Freshman. She had to take STAT 108 in order to qualify for CHEM 140 (the chemistry class specially designed for pre-nursing students). So far, there everything is going smoothly for Anna. However, Anna is not sure if nursing is for her. Anna was inspired to become a nurse because of her mother. Her mother was a nurse and Anna loves what her mother does – healing others. Anna also loves art, but only as a hobby to get her away from the stressful world.

I gave Anna some advices for her future pre-nursing science classes and wished her luck on getting into the program.

As we transits into crafting, both Anna and I are excited about this topic. Anna had tried most of the crafts I am interested in, such as crochet, polymer clay, and air-dry clay.

Anna told me she started a crochet project to make a scarf three years ago, but never finished it. I totally understand why she wouldn’t finish the scarf. Crochet and knitting are forms of crafts that require a lot of time and patience. When doing a big project, sewing is much faster because you can buy fabrics and other materials for decoration. However, for crochet and knitting, the materials are simple (yarn and knitting needles or a crochet hook); thus, everything needs to be self-made. This is one of the reasons why I am passionate about crochet and yarn crafts in general. The process of starting a new project to the moment I finally finished is a journey. Crochet taught me to be patient and calm in everything I do. It also showed me the connection between patient and success. To me, crochet and knitting are more than just forms of art/ crafts, they are self-help “teachers”.

Vintage Style Rabbits

One of my recent work. Made from polymer clay and hand painted with acrylic paints.

Anna has tried out polymer clay and air-dry clay before. In my opinion, this is one of the most expensive form of craft. Polymer clay in the U.S. is only affordable when it’s on sale 20-30% off at Michael’s craft store, which happens once a year. The regular price of one block of 2oz. polymer clay (one color) is about $2.79. Of course, for a complete and beautiful piece of polymer clay jewelry, you will need to use multiple colors; therefore, it can get expensive.

As for air-dry clay, it is also expensive in the U.S. (why is crafting materials so expensive here?!). A block of 17.63 oz. air-dry clay is about $9. The downside of air-dry clay is they will shrink once completely dried; thus, when using air-dry clay, it is important to use more clay than needed = MORE MONEY!

My final conclusions when buying craft materials are:

  1. Always check eBay first.
  2. Bid on eBay.
  3. Look out for those Micheal’s craft store coupons.
  4. If you’re Asian and need to buy a lot of crafting materials, don’t bring a lot of clothes in your luggage when travelling to Asia. You will need the space to fill up amazingly cheap crafting materials when coming back!

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