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WEEK 15: Conversation with Artist – I Tan Wong

I Tan Wong’s gallery was unique. I love the idea of projecting her movements on the wall. It is simple, yet it was able to give the gallery another dimension. When I observed I Tan Wong’s work, it gave me the feeling of freedom. The room was dark and all I saw was her “floating” on the walls. Her movements do not have a particular pattern; thus, explains why she described it as to “release my psychological desires”. Not a like a dancer, who works with his/ her body to bring out the beauty and expression of a particular subject. I Tan Wong movements are out of order.

It seems as if she didn’t care about the world around her. All she cared about was what she wants to do, despite what other people may think.

20141204_114218 20141204_114227 20141204_114224 20141204_114222

I agree with I Tan Wong’s statement about how “unstable and shifting” is the human psychological mind. She showed it very well in her movements.

I believe the human mind is naturally “free”. However, as we grow up, external factors such as social rules and orders had stopped our mind from expressing our true selves. However, when we are alone or can no longer stay in the box that the society had created, our true selves will come out. Others might called it “crazy”, “abnormal”, and “mindless”. However, it is our true selves, how can we denied it?

Once we learned how to use our “abnormality” and makes it coexist with the society, new ideas and inventions will emerge.


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