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WEEK 13: Conversation with Artist

Unlike other colorful paintings and drawings around it, “Cyclical Nature” by Jeff Dull stands out because of its mysteriousness.20141120_112950

In his painting, it seems that there are only four basic colors: red, blue, black, and white. I’ve always impressed by paintings that use gradient technique. The correct terminology for this technique, it is called “gradient blending”. This is just one style of blending. There are other types of paint blendings ares: scumbling, wet into wet, and optical color mixing. Adding gradient effects onto a painting allows the painting to have another dimension. Not just that, but it also gives the painting “feelings” and “mood”.

I felt that in order to create a gradient effect on a painting, the artist must understand the rules that “governs” it. For examples, certain colors have to blend together; there are areas where there should be more gradient effect than others on a painting; (and more). I don’t know the rules to create gradient blending, but they seem very complex. On the other hand, once a person mastered these techniques, they have a lot of room for creativity and freedom for experiments.

In Cyclical Nature, I can see some scumbling and gradient blending. I’m sure there Jeff Dull used more blending techniques than I thought.Overall, Jeff Dull’s work is beautiful. Jeff Dull is talented and now is the time for him to use it to make the world a beautiful place, just like Cyclical Nature. I wish him the best in everything he do in life, after graduation.

Besides Cyclical Nature, I also liked other paintings about it. Here are one of the paintings I took pictures of before my phone died. I loved this week’s art exhibition very much. They are beyond amazing.



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