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WEEK 13: Conversation with a Classmate – Diana Martinez

I sat in every ART 110 lectures since day one. Every week, Professor Zucman would announce the first placed student in the class. There were many times I heard Diana’s name. Her works are beautiful. One can see that she put a lot of effort into each and every one of the activity projects.

I thought Diana was a sophomore or a junior, but not until this Thursday, I realized she is a freshman!

Diana is majoring in marketing. In her free time, she likes to edit videos and take pictures. Diana likes to work with what are accessible to her. Thus, when carrying out a project, she would go to places, such as thrift stores to hunt for tools and equipment. Diana told me about a photography project she has done in the past. The project had a fantasy theme. Diana bought a vintage party dress from the thrift store and used a friend of hers to be the model. At the time, Diana used a small camera that her father gave her to take most of the pictures. Although the quality was not “professional”, Diana was able to do her “magic” using Photoshop. Photoshop allows Diana to break the limitations of not having professional tools and used her skills to express her creativity.

High school, Diana followed the career path to media. Every year, she gets to take classes that are related to media, such as photography, graphic design,…

20141120_112232These classes inspire Diana to be creative and think outside the box. Soon, Diana found out that she wanted to work in marketing. Her dream work place is WPromote. Over this Thanksgiving break, Diana is hoping to find an opportunity to do an internship with WPromote. If she is lucky enough to get in, this would be the start of her journey to her dream job.


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