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WEEK 12: Conversation with Classmate – Nicole Ilagan

20141113_111309Nicole Ilagan is a second year college student. She is majoring in Film. Nicole told me that film was a new passion for her. Since she was little, her mother has always motivated her to be creative. When she has school projects, Nicole likes to express her creativity by using different types of materials to demonstrate her ideas. Working collaboratively in a team is another strong personality that Nicole practiced since she was little. This explains why she wants to work in the film industry. With film, Nicole has the ability to be creative at the same time, work with others to complete projects.

Nicole likes to try out new things in life, because they would allow her to be well rounded. In the film industry, it is hard to stand out and building connections; thus, by allowing herself to explore the world at different angles can help Nicole shines. One example of Nicole’s success is her internship at College Beach TV last semester. She had the opportunity to get hands on experience with filming equipment as well as learning new skills from her teammates. After the internship, Nicole challenged herself to officially apply to College Beach TV. Nicole was surprised that she was able to get in, since she was so young with so little experiences. However, filming is her passion and working at the Late Night Show would allow Nicole to explore and learn more about it. This is an opportunity for Nicole to shine and reaches closer to her goals.

Besides filming, Nicole also likes to explore the ocean. One of the other options for a career would be Marine Biology. With her personality, I wasn’t surprised that Nicole would be interested in the world under water. She seems to be an explorer! However, filming got her heart and it is her one and only love. What can she do?


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