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WEEK 12: Conversation with Artist – Timothy Cooper

“Something that means something”… Hum…

This piece of art is so simple; yet the ideas it represents make us think.


This artwork consists of a many white ceramic plates putting together to form an “+” shape. To me, the color white shows something clean and simple. Just like the world we live in. Many years ago, travelling was difficult, but humans were able to overcome that obstacle by creating alternative paths to reach certain places around the world. As we travel to new places, it is the foods and culture that keep us interested in the world outside of our own. Depends on different places around the world, food were served on different objects. For example, in the Vietnam we used to eat sticky rice desserts on banana leaf because banana trees are widely available and inexpensive to grow. However, as we interact with other countries around us, such as China and India, we learned to use clay to create ceramic goods for everyday usage.


I’m sure the very first ceramic rice bowl that was created by a Vietnamese person was not as colorful and or artistic as the ones we can find in stores today. However, this shows that communication and connections from human to human are what allows the world to advanced.


Cooper’s artwork reminds us of the simple things that once brought us together and allow us to create a better world as a whole.


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