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WEEK 11: My Turn – Back in Time: Crochet

I personally love this week’s activity. Crochet and polymer clay are my best friends since high school. For this week’s activity, I couldn’t play with my polymer clays because it requires a lot of materials, which are back at home. (Sigh…)

I couldn’t take pictures of my previous pieces, because they are also back at home. Therefore, I picked crochet as my activity for this week. For people you’ve worked with yarn, they would know that it is hard to put down those hook/ needles and yarn once a project is started. Let me tell you… Crochet and knitting IS addicting. No joke.

I didn’t want to start crocheting, because most of my projects take a while to complete and the push for completion would distract me from schoolwork. (I can see myself doing it already!)

Oh well, what can I do. I already have the materials in my room and it’s getting cold in Long Beach, why not blog about my new project?

My new project is to create an infinity scarf with a “knitted basket” pattern. I found this pattern on YouTube two days ago and fell in love with it. My yarn is standard, therefore, it I use it to make a regular single crochet/ double crochet pattern, it would not be thick enough. (Yes, there is a lot of planning when starting a new project as well as during the process).

Luckily, as I tried out the pattern on my yarn the thickness of the pattern created the perfect thickness for my new scarf. Woot! I didn’t have to search too hard for the perfect pattern.

This is my first time trying out this pattern and my crochet skills was somewhat forgotten. Everything went well until I found out that the finished patterns are not perfectly shaped. Thus, I had to undo two to three rounds and figure out the errors. Who would think crochet and knitting will require critical thinking?

 The reason why I loved working with yarns so much is because I love the feeling of accomplishment. Yarns are just pieces of long and continuous fibers that would be useless if there is no creativity involved. With tools and a creative mind, a simple useless item will turns into a complex and useful product.

Anyways, this is my work so far… The little clothespin on the right is attached to a piece of transparent plastic. On top of the plastic are my notes as I crochet. I invented this method to help me keep track of the rounds as well as what to do next when I continue next time. The notes are written with dried eraser market; thus, I can erase and reuse anytime!


The thickness is just right, 🙂



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