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WEEK 11: Conversation with Classmate – Amber Del Real


Amber Del Real is a third year college student and majored in Kinesiology. However, she will soon switch to Sociology. At first, Amber picked Kinesiology because she likes to exercise. In order to move further, she had to take Human Anatomy (BIO 208). I am taking Human Anatomy this semester, as one of the pre-requirements for Nursing School. Let me start out with… It is not easy. I’ve never seen a class with so many repeaters! I have taken other pre-requirement sciences for nursing, but never as hard as this. I learned so much as I tried to stay “alive” in this class. It truly taught me what it means to be dedicated, determined, and hard working.

Although it is a lot of work and takes a lot of commitment, I’m glad to be able to take it before entering the Nursing School. I need to have a strong mentality in order to survive through the years of nursing school. Anatomy (with Dr. Pal) is truly an experience.

Now, back to Amber. The reason why Amber chose Sociology is because she took some sociology classes and was hooked with the subject. She loves to learn about how a society is build and how changes within a society can affect the whole. It is very fascinating.

Besides being a full-time student, Amber also works outside of school. She works at a FedEx branch near her home. The work is hard and not so enjoyable, but she did gain some valuable experiences from it.

Overall, I found Amber to be a person who is very independent and matured. Although it seems like she is trying to figure things out in life, I believe her characteristics can carry her far.



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