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WEEK 11: Conversation with Artist – Darlene Casco

Wow, this is the longest conversation with an artist I’ve ever had. Darlene Casco was such an amazing person. She is creative and talented in multiple aspects. Besides a graphic designer, Casco is also a musician. She plays guitar and flute since high school and continues to follow her hobbies until now. However, she did not get the concepts of “hobby” and “passion” mixed up. Although Casco loves her music, she loves to be creative and create art! Thanks to this clear way of thinking, Casco did not have to reconsider her major and continued her passion for art until today. (Oh! This Thursday was the day she completed the program.)


Consonance is an art project that took over a year for Casco to complete. She said it was not easy, because she did almost all the work herself. Although Casco had some knowledge about editing software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop, she had hard times with editing videos. However, it was a great learning experience for Casco.

Both of Casco parents are big music fans, and that greatly influenced her love for music. During the process of completing the project, Casco did get a lot of help from her parents.

Looking at the ideas from “Consonance”, I asked Casco what type of music does she likes. As a music fan, Casco loves all types of music. However, she is most interested in Rock & Roll because she grew up listening to the Beatles. Based on this, we tried to figure out Casco’s personality. Casco admitted that she is a complex, yet simple person. She is complex because she likes to accept challenges. At the same time, Casco appreciated the simplicity of certain things in life.


It was my pleasure to meet Darlene Casco. I wish her the best in everything she does in life. With her strong mind, creativity and hard working ethic, Casco have a lot to offer to the world.


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