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WEEK 10: Conversation with Artists – Yee Li, Maggie Freed and Sophia Dao

I was glad to see Yee Li at the gallery (again!). I love her work from the previous art gallery. Yee Li is an Asian American artist who partnered with Maggie Freed, and this time Sophia Dao to create Trepidation.

20141030_110726Trepidation is the name of the most current art project created by these three artists. According to my research, “trepidation” means a feeling of fear toward something that may happen. This theme is a bit similar to Yee Li and Maggie Freed’s previous project, Introspection. Introspection is different, because viewers have the freedom to interpret the paintings for themselves. There was no “set theme” to guide viewers to “understand” the paintings. However, both Trepidation and Introspection are similar because they emphasis sorrow, fear, and stress.


Besides abstract paintings, the artists also add in small paintings of disorganization in our daily lives. One of which shows unorganized storage drawers. Although the drawers are closed and clean from the outside, one can see through it (painted as if they were transparent) and see the tilted items inside them. This shows stress is from within and it is possible to see it through a person’s life.



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