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WEEK 10: Activity – Landscapes

This was a depress activity to think about. I haven’t lived long enough to predict how I would die. 

20141031_021145However, it is an interesting question to think about. I took a picture of myself dead as I study. As a person who focuses on school work all the time and barely have time to sleep, I am considered as a “couch potato”. I don’t exercise much, besides walking up hills from class to work and back.

I am a Pre-Nursing student; therefore, I know how the human body works and what is good or bad for it. I’m also taking Human Anatomy and there are many diseases that I “qualified” because of my lifestyle.

Each and every time I learn something new it became a self-reflection on me. I can easily a get heart attack by sitting 3 hours straight, reviewing for my Anatomy lab practicum! So sad…


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