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WEEK 9: Conversation with Classmate – Christine Trinh

chritine trinhChristine is a friend of Melanie Colli who I met last week. Similar to Melanie, Christine also has a bubbly personality. Christine is a first year student who is majoring Accounting. However, she would like to switch for Pre-Nursing soon. Christine chose Accounting because she had previous experience with retail in high school from a program called Business Academy.

Christine also likes gaming, but not a fan like Melanie who is willing to spend $100 on a game. Melanie and Christine do have some things in common, which are drawing and Anime. Recently, Christine was hooked into Anime (I have a feeling Melanie has to do with this, haha). Christine draws whenever she has free time, but I’m not sure what is her style. As for Anime, Christine is currently in loved with The Irregular at Magic High School (I have to check that out). Besides that, Christine also likes to bake. Christine has a bigger sister who also likes to bake, but more of Vietnamese sweets. Opposite from her sister, Christine likes to bake cookies and cupcakes – more Western.


Getting adapted to the college life wasn’t too bad for Christine. She has taken AP and honor classes in high school; thus, she was prepared with the study technique as well as how to handle stress.

It was a great meeting Christine and Melanie (again). I’m so glad to have them as my classmates.


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