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WEEK 8: Conversation with Melanie Colli  

This week was a blast. I met Melanie while walking through a gallery. Melanie is a third year student who currently undeclared, but she will soon declare her major as film – special in screen writing. In her free time, Melanie likes to write stories in her head and draw out the characters. She is a fan of Anime and Manga; thus, that also influenced her style of drawing. Melanie gave me some insights about the process of drawing manga. She told me that proportion is the key in Anime. How Melanie starts her drawings is by “counting faces, which means you can take a person’s face and use their face as a ruler to measure the length and width of the body. That really blows my mind.


One of Melanie’s drawings.

As stated above, Melanie loves Anime and Manga. She likes to watch adventurous Anime, such as Fairy Tales and Naruto. I myself was also a fan of Fairy Tales manga. I remember staying up until three in the morning to read those chapters (about 300 and something at the time)… it was amazing. Hahaha. However, since coming to college I no longer have the time to read anything. Not even my favorite Vietnamese author’s new releases. Life…


Another of Melanie’s drawings.

Now, back to Melanie! She is also a hardcore gamer. Melanie and her brother like to play video games from Japan. That means the games have to be imported from Japan and the cost is at least $100 each. (Wow!)

Although the cost can be pricey, Melanie and her brother are willing to spend and continue to build their gaming collection.

At the end of the chat, I also asked Melanie for some Anime series recommendations. Based on the genre of Anime I like, she gave me two recommendations:

  1. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun


  1. My Neighbor Seiki



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