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WEEK 8: Conversation with Artist – Mark Rissman

I found the photo took by Mark Rissman is simple and clean. I love the background of white mountains and dead grass all around the factory. Just the picture of the environment around the factory gave me a calm and sad feeling. However, the existence of the factory gave the photo a new look by adding a bit more lively life into the dry and dying grass. Now that I think about it, it should be the opposite. The factory is not a living thing, yet it is able to give me a “lively” feeling.


I grew up in the city and the definition of “lively” to me is flashing lights, houses, and traffic. Although the grasses are dead, they are once alive and so are the mountains covered in snow. Yet, I didn’t give them credit in this picture.

This shows that a person’s perception can change based on the type of environment they grew up in.

This is the first time I accepted this fact and it really amazed me. 


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