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WEEK 7: Conversation with Classmate – Antonio Lavermon

This week’s “classmate of the week” is Antonio Lavermon. I’ve interacted with Antonio three weeks ago at one of the galleries. I remembered it was a pink gallery with sharp hooks hanging down from the ceiling. Antonio seems to enjoy the artwork so much that I offered to help him take a picture with it. He was a very sweet and polite gentleman.


I don’t have many friends, but I do have some friends that are gay. For some reason, I found those friends to be the ones I honored and respect. Based on experiences, I found gay males have some of the best personalities a person can have. I love the sweetness, honesty (so far from the friends I knew), senses of humor, and the view of life that my gay friends have. To me, gay males are the most beautiful combination of both sexes. They have the sweetness and sense of beauty (and sometimes dramatic) from the female side, as well as the thoughts from the masculine side. Not just that, but also each and every one of them has a story to tell. I want to listen and learn from these amazing people.

I hope it’s not too weird to say that I like to make friends with gay people. I really think they are great people. Similarly with Antonio, when I first met him I just want to get to know him more. Antonio is a sophomore who majored in theater art. However, he is hoping to change his major into film. Antonio told me that theater art focused too much on stage technician, and what he wanted to do was acting. Film would be a better choice for him because he can act and at the same time, learn about writing scripts and editing movies. In his free time, Antonio likes to make movies. In fact, he has his own YouTube channel: aazlavel12. Antonio gave me some sneak peaks of his first movie, but nothing from the new one that is still in progress (hehe, of courses).

antonio and kim under rainbow

Besides being a student at CSULB, Antonio is also a member of the IGBT. He told me that although the society is more open up to people like him, he still had to face with prejudice and negative judgments from people around him. Not just that, but in the IGBT community itself there are problems. Antonio’s goals are to do his best in school, and at the same time, finding a place in the IGBT community. Antonio also told me that he would like to have children and family in the future, but that could be another problem that he will have to face.

I wish Antonio the best of luck and continue to have a strong mind.



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