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WEEK 7: Conversation with Artists – Daniel Rivera and Vanessa Gamboa

Abstract painting is a form of art that really interested me. One of the famous artists that I love is Pablo Picasso. His works are abstracts and full with colors. Picasso’s paintings are too abstract to be explained; thus, it is better for the viewers to interpret the art themselves. The same idea applies to the paintings created by Daniel Rivera and Vanessa Gamboa. I enjoyed them because they don’t have an established theme for viewers to search for. As stated by the artists of “Introspection”, the paintings do not have any theme. However, while completing the paintings Rivera and Gamboa thought of depression and stress in our everyday lives. Rivera told me that the repetition parallel lines and triangles represent the things that people have to do and repeat daily. That is what creates stress within oneself. We are stress and depress because we cannot get out of the cycle.


On the other hand, Gamboa told me that her work has more cubes and intersections of angles. The square cubes suppose to show the concept of human being trap in the world of stress and depression. Even though they try to escape, it is not easy (this is represented by the intersections of angles).


To me, Rivera and Gamboa’s paintings are filled with spirits. I love the intersections of angles and the combinations of shapes and colors. Although their works did use mostly dark colors, somewhere in the paintings are colors of hope (light blue and pink). This helps lighten up the paintings and give it a different meaning – hope.


Overall, I really enjoy the paintings by Rivera and Gamboa. If I didn’t have a chance to interview the artists, I wouldn’t know that the paintings were created based on the idea of depression and stress.



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