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Week 6: Conversation with Classmate – Carina LaMarchina

Carina is a freshman who is majoring in sociology; however, she is hopes to change into graphic design soon. Although Carina likes to work people, she is a creative person who loves art and designing more than anything. On her free time, she often doodles and designs on her computer. Carina is learning how to use Photoshop to help her prepare for graphic design.


The road to graphic design is not as easy as Carina thought. She has to complete at least fifteen classes before applying to the major. As a freshman who is new to everything, Carina still has a long way to go.

Besides from designing, Carina also likes to act! She has considered becoming an actor, but the career is not stable as a graphic designer. Carina wants a job that she can be happy with and at the same time, she doesn’t have to worry about the money.

20141002_114027     20141002_114044

I found Carina an interesting person to talk to. She is so bubbly and lively. Her energy is contagious! Haha.



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