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WEEK 6: Conversation with Artist – Rosa Vazquez

Attracted by the black curtains in front of the gallery (I forgot the exact name of the gallery), I read the Rosa Vazquez’s statement about her artwork. The purpose of her project is to illustrate the stories of illegal immigrants that were deported from the United States. Rosa Vazquez displayed a combination of both photos and videos in her project. Rosa Vazquez collected most of her videos from YouTube and combined them into segments of the documentary. The collection of videos Vazquez presented was powerful and emotional. Most of the videos were interviews of people who got deported or family members of those who were deported.


I remember a segment of a video with a man who cried so hard while telling his story. It was hard to see a man cry in front of the camera. He cried just like a child wanted to be with his mother. In fact, he wanted to be with his family. His tears made me want to cry with him…

Besides from the videos, Rosa Vazquez also displayed a stack of paper in the middle of the gallery. The stack of paper was quite high. The height of the stack shows the amount of people/ families that were recently deported. Each sheet of paper has a picture of the person/ family that was deported at certain times. I was shocked to see the top of the stack was a man who was recently deported in February 2014. This shows that this is a current problem and is it REAL.


Before, I didn’t know much about the issues about illegal immigrants. Thanks to Rosa Vazquez, I was able to have a better understanding of the things that illegal immigrants and their family had to go through.




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