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WEEK 6: Activity – Drawing

French Girls is such an awesome application. At first, I felt a bit uncomfortable taking selfie of myself and posting it for a random person to draw. I don’t have an iPhone nor an iPod touch to use French Girls, so I had to borrow my housemate’s iPhone. The the iPhone screen is a bit small for drawing; therefore, it was difficult for me to draw with my chubby fingers.


I haven’t drawn for a while, due to busy schedule and school work. However, thanks to Professor Zucman, I have an excuse to draw again. I didn’t quite satisfy with my drawing, but it was the best I can do on a Smartphone screen. I should be proud. Hahahaha.
After posting my selfie for three hours , I finally got some drawings! I was excited when I saw not one, BUT TWO drawings of my selfie! Although they are not perfect, but at least someone took their time and effort out to draw my “just woke up” face. I felt blessed…

photo1   photo12

It would be great if French Girls can be accessible for Android users. I can imagine myself drawing people and getting excited at people’s drawings of me. Hahaha.

I really had fun completing this activity.  Thank you, Professor Zucman! 🙂



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