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WEEK 5: Conversation with Marlyn Castillo

Just like other weeks, I approached a classmate and ask them if I can interview them. The conversation usually last less than 10 minutes; however, this week is different. Marlyn and I talked to each other over that record, 37 minutes! There were so much things that Marlyn shared with me, such as her major, the reason why she changed her major, her job, goals, experiences, and even her boyfriend!


Marlyn is a third year student who majored in Child Development. She is not so artsy herself, but her boyfriend is. He made her many handmade gifts and taught her how to do art. There was one time, her boyfriend made her a picture frame of a couple (made of Styrofoam) standing under the rain (made of melted crayons). I was so impressed by Marlyn’s boyfriend skills. I would never think a guy like this still exists! Not just that, but Marlyn’s boyfriend also helped her maintain her blog as well as guiding her through the art activities each week. This is beyond what a girl can wish for.

Enough with how great Marlyn’s boyfriend is, Marlyn herself is a lovable person. I have never talked to any classmate as long as had I talk to Marlyn. Her family members are mostly nurses, but Marlyn couldn’t handle blood nor facing the death of patients. Therefore, Marlyn figured nursing is not for her. Many of her friends predicted that she will work with children as her career, because of her personality and her love for children. I agreed, because Marlyn is very claim and patient when she talked to me.

Marlyn started out as a psychology major, but she couldn’t keep up with the stressful classes. As the result, she had to changed major. Marlyn was glad that she finally found the major (Child Development) that make her happy. Now, she is working very hard to stay on track and pursue her career.

I wish Marlyn the best of luck on her road to a bright future.



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