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WEEK 4: Activity – Plaster Casting

For this week’s activity project, our class does plaster casting. This is such a fun project, because I was excused from anatomy to enjoy the beach.

On Saturday morning, my study buddy Rocio and I met up at CSULB to start our “fun-day” journey. Since the first day of school until now, we were busy with anatomy and other classes from morning until night. We studied days and nights together as well as watching over each other as the other take naps during the day.

Technically, this would be another study day for us. But thanks to the project, which has to be done at the beach I get to get out of my comfy zone and drive to the beach for the FIRST TIME! I invited Rocio to my journey, as I am not familiar with the roads in Long Beach.

20140920_114017   20140920_114148

Below are some pictures of on Rocio and I as we walked to the Seal Beach Pier to meet with Professor Zucman.




20140920_115216 20140920_115229  20140920_115239 20140920_115251 20140920_115258 20140920_115651

It was not too difficult to look for Professor Zucman and other classmates once we reached the pier. Professor Zucman was happy to help me get started with the project. As for other materials, I had to borrow a bucket and a shovel from my classmates. Everyone was nice and glad to help me out.


20140920_120057 20140920_12013520140920_120422

Making molds on the sand was a bit tricky for me. It took me almost 20 minutes to finish making a mold of my right hand (phew!). After that, I mixed the plaster with sea water into a paste. Unfortunately, it was too little for me to even pour it out. I had to make a new patch of plaster paste again. As I was making the paste, I stopped and think to myself. What if I don’t have enough plaster paste again? This would be a waste of plaster and I will never complete my project! As the result, I decided to make molds of my feet and Rocio’s feet.

20140920_120709 20140920_120711 20140920_121949 20140920_122841 20140920_123037

Once we are done with the mold, I used the plaster carton as my measuring tool. Unfortunately, I forgot the recipe for the mixture and mixed 2 parts water and one part plaster into the bucket. No wonder it was much easier to mix than the first patch!

20140920_122006 20140920_122152 20140920_122447 20140920_122449 20140920_122609 20140920_122533 20140920_123326 20140920_123337

It was too late, so I just poured the plaster mixture into the molds and hoped they will set.

While waiting for the plaster to set, Rocio and I got to try Professor Zucman’s delicious iced tea. It was such a refreshing drink after working hard on the plaster. As Rocio and I drank the iced tea, we went out the water and waited for the sea foams to flood our feet. Just like Rocio, I have not seen the beach in years. I never have the time to escape the hurried lifestyle of a college student. Week after week is a continuous study time for exams; therefore, coming to the beach is a luxury for me. I really enjoy the beach, even though I can see the oil on the sand as the waves washes them on shore. This is a shame for mankind and unfortunate for such a beautiful beach.

20140920_124704 20140920_124712(0) 20140920_125204 20140920_125205 20140920_125216 20140920_125223(0) 20140920_125309

After two hours of waiting and having fun, Rocio and I unburied the plasters from under the sand. I was able to get the plaster of my right foot out easily. While waiting for me to unburied my “right hand”, Rocio tried to remove the sands from her plaster feet. When I looked up to check her progress, her plaster foot was broken in half. As I learned from Rocio’s mistake, I avoid removing the sands from my plaster.

20140920_133017 20140920_133028 20140920_133059 20140920_133140 20140920_133302 20140920_133307 20140920_133501 20140920_133636 20140920_134649 20140920_134952 20140920_135008 20140920_135143 20140920_135147(0) 20140920_141719

After successfully taken both of my plastered body parts out of the sands, it was time to go home. We said good-bye to Professor Zucman and thanked him for the delicious iced tea. It was a successful day plaster casting, thanks to my classmates, Rocio and Professor Zucman.

20140920_143308 20140920_143332 20140920_143336 20140920_143340 20140920_143354



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