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WEEK 4: Conversation with Dominic Erich

The first time meeting Dominic Erich, I thought he was an artist himself. Dominic started out by asking me what I thought about Scott Burns’s artworks. I do not know much about ceramic, so there was not much things for me to say about ceramic (besides I really enjoyed his works). However, Dominic was quite an expert in ceramic himself. For example, he told me that what Burns did to his pieces is not easy. Since ceramic must be hollow in the inside, creating a giant body is very difficult.


This fact made me curious about the procedure of heating ceramic. As I asked him more about the reason why the inside of ceramic statues cannot be solid in the inside, Dominic was patient enough to explain the entire process of creating ceramic sculptures.


When Dominic was in high school, he took a ceramic class as an elective. Although he was not a part of the heating process, Dominic’s teacher explained to the class verbally about it. Dominic also told me that just the ceramic heating process alone is “art”.

I must thank Dominic for opening my eyes to the world of ceramics, where creativity and science work together to create art.




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