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WEEK 4: Conversation with Artist – Scott Burns

This week, I get to see Scott Burns’s art works. Unlike other pieces I saw the past few weeks, Burns’s sculptures are ceramic based. To me, Burns’s works are beautiful because they are mixed of reality and abstraction. For example, most of his artwork incorporates some sort of human body parts fused with other random things (a water fountain, a distorted dinosaur body, etc.)


20140918_111338    20140918_111349

For most of his works, it seems that Burns loves fusing human’s head with other things. I’m assumed Burns was trying to incorporate human’s feelings as well as thoughts through the sculptured facial expressions. When talking to Scott Burns about his works, he old me that part of what he was trying to experiment is the physic of ceramic. As we all know, ceramic can be fragile and heavy; therefore, making a big piece out of ceramic can be challenging.




20140918_111055 20140918_111108

In addition to ceramic, Burns also emphasized the usage of glaze on his artworks. One of the pieces I loved is shown below.

20140918_111152    20140918_111206

20140918_111223     20140918_111216

The reason why I loved this piece was because of the glaze. In ceramic, glaze helps protects and highlight the beauty of the finished pieces. As for this piece, Burns only used his glaze to highlight certain areas of his work and the rest are matte. This technique helps bring another dimension to Burns’s works.



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