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Bryanna Duckwitz is a freshman and majored in Kinesiology. Bryanna wants to work as sport first responder as her career. When Bryanna was in high school, she toke a medical class that taught her basic first aid as well as emergency medical responses. Bryanna was fortunate enough to be able to practice her knowledge on wrestlers and football players in her school. The more she learned about first aid, the more she fell in love with the job. This is what made Bryanna chose Kinesiology.


Bryanna came from Anaheim, she came to CSULB because it could be an opportunity for her to learn how to become an independent individual. Bryanna is currently living in Parksides dorm. Bryanna loved the atmospheres at Parkside, because it is surrounded by nature.

I agreed with Bryanna about Parkside, it is indeed a beautiful dorm filled with trees (especially cherry blossom in the Spring) and beautiful structures. Another thing about Parksides dorm is that it is right next to the Japanese Garden. With this in mind, Parksides could be a beautiful scene in a movie in the Spring. I would name Parksides, “The Land of Cherry Blossom” if I can.

As for her art class, Bryanna picked visual art because her adviser recommended it. She admitted that ART 110 was a good pick for her because it allows her to interact and actually “do art”. Bryanna found ART 110 as a class where she can relax and explore the beauty of art on her own.




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