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WEEK 3: Activity – Kickstarter

Simple Sugar Kit is one of the many Kickstarter videos that I liked. This project is quick and simple. Simple sugar by itself is simple to make at home. Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt invented a kit that made the process even easier. They simply created a glass bottle with marks on it to identify the amount of sugar and water needed for one bottle of simple sugar. In addition to that, they also included a place for user to write the date and type of simple sugar that was made. This is a small, but important feature that can greatly affect the quality of simple sugar, because simple sugar is no longer good after a month. Besides the date, writing down the type of simple sugar can be important for organization and keeping track of different simple sugar.

I loved how Dan and Tom were able to take the smallest inconvenient/ false of the normal simple sugar bottles and came up with solutions that are smart and simple. For example, they created a special rubber neck for the Simple Sugar Kit bottle instead of using the original glass neck. This can prevent simple sugar from sticking to the bottle neck as well as the screwing process after multiple usages. In addition to that, they also invented a cap for the rubber neck of the Simple Sugar Kit’s bottle. This will help preserve simple sugar when storing.

I have to say, Dana and Tom are very creative in problem solving.

As for myself, I created a Kickstarter for my very first invention KiLight. KiLight is a portable backpack frame that can turn a regular backpack into a roller backpack in just seconds. This is not a new idea, because I’ve planed to invent something similar to the KiLight before. As a student, I found it inconvenient to come to school without all the materials I need for study, such as textbooks, laptop, and notes. However, it can be quite heavy to carry these items on my back the whole day. As a small person I am, I cannot carry the mentioned items above for a long period of time. Thus, roller backpacks are my best friends. Roller backpacks are great, but they can be large, plain, and difficult to go up stairs.  As a solution to this, I came up with a light and foldable backpack frame that can attach to any regular backpack and turns into a roller backpack only when needed.



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