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Week 2: Conversation with Kiana Lightbourn

Kiana Lightbourn is a first year college student who’s majored in marine biology. Kiana wants to follow marine biology because she has a passion for marine life. Her family had annual passes to the Aquarium of the Pacific. She fell in love with the marine birds and their tiny legs. Kiana soon found out that marine biology is what she wants follow and now is she working hard to reach that goal. For her career, all she wants to do is to work at an aquarium and able to interact with the marine life as much as she wanted. It does not matter where she is, Kiana is willing to travel to wherevers that needs her help.


Just like any other human beings, Kiana had to face certain obstacles that pull her down and pushes her to give up her dreams. This is Kiana’s first year of college and she had to face her enemies already, math and science. Kiana stated that she is working very hard now, because she knows that by the end of all those hard work is a big bright future for her.

Besides marine biology, Kiana also likes to read science fiction books. She said that reading fiction books is a way for her to travel to a different world, where she doesn’t have to think about reality. Reading is what keeps her moving forward everyday.

After talking to Kiana, I found myself in her story. Kiana is willing to face her two biggest fears, which are math and science. However, she doesn’t take them as “fears”, but instead turning them into her strength. She can see herself using the knowledge in the future to help the marine animals. As for myself, I am facing one of the hardest lower division sciences at CSULB, which is BIOL 208 – Human Anatomy. However, I understand that without the knowledge I cannot become a successful nurse. Life is hard for a reason.



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