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Week 2: Conversation with Audrey Barcio about “Beautiful Nothings 1& 2”

At frist glance, Beautiful Nothings 1 & 2 looks like two pieces of rocks with fury hairs on top of them. The shape of these “rocks” are quite similar to the shape of the human skull. When looking closer at these rocks. one can see the black and shiny texture on the surface of the rocks. I believe this is what Audrey Barcio added in to emphasis the “magic and art” of  Beautiful Nothings 1 & 2.


What I loved about Beautiful Nothings 1 & 2 is the combination of materials that were added to them. The furry hairs on top of the black rock gave it the “weird” and interesting elements to it. This is what attracted my eyes and makes me want to take a closer look at it. 


Besides the hairs, Audrey Barcio also chose black as the base to her work. The black rock gave Beautiful Nothings 1 & 2 the mysterious feeling to them. This again, helps emphasis the theme of her work, which is “mystical”. The rock is not simply black, but also have a glittery metallic texture to it. This is what I loved about Beautiful Nothings 1 & 2. They make viewers curious and wanted to explore that mysterious element in them. 

The name “Beautiful Nothings 1 & 2” is simple, yet it was able to tell the meaning of the art it represents. In reality, there is nothing beautiful about them. They are just rocks with hairs on top of them, simple! But, because they are simple and weird looking, they leave rooms for our mind to explore and attempt  to understand the meaning behind them. This is what we called “beauty”. 

Beauty is for us to explore and define.




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