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Week 1: “Conversation” with Maria Rendon about Hybrid

Hybrid by Maria Rendon caught my attention at first sight. This piece of art is abstract, yet have some parts of reality in it. From far, it looks like a big yellow rock with a red head and human legs attached to it. Looking closer at the art, one will see that it was made of various types of materials. According to the artist, the purpose of blending multiple materials is to “explore notions of distorted perception”. To me, this is what makes this piece of art unique.



Besides the materials, Maria Redon also added different colors of acrylic to create textures and shades to her art. The colors highlights her art and allow viewer to use their imagination in defining the “reality” side of it. In addition to that, Redon also create layers in her work. If one look closely, they will see the cuts and insertions of different layers and materials. I believe this is what made Hybrid abstract.Ā 



In conclusion, I love this piece of art the most because it allows viewer to have the best of both worlds (abstract and reality). Sometime we should escape the real world and enter the world where things are just imaginations and ideas. Yet, once we are done wandering in that world, it is time to return to reality. The ability to go back and forth between both worlds is something that only the human mind can do. This what we need in our life and what art is all about. šŸ™‚

Kim Tang

Friday, August 29, 2014




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