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Week 1: Conversation with Shannon Choi from ART 110

This is my first week of ART 110. Shannon was the first classmate I met with when entering the “classroom”. She is a freshman and major in communication. Shannon is just like any college students with many hopes and dreams. She told me that communication is a big field; therefore, there will be many opportunities for her to find something that she is interested in.


When I asked what type of art do she like, her response was full with enthusiasm. Her favorite styles of art are surrealism and contemporary art. She believed that “not everything have to have meaning to them. Art is simply a way of expressing feelings”. I agreed with Shannon’s definition of art, but then it makes me think… if art is just a way of expressing emotion and there is no need to have meanings, then how can we teach it to others?

Shannon replied to my question by explaining that she believed teaching art is similar to teaching a person how to self reflect and how to be comfortable with oneself. “It’s like a therapy!” she said.

We moved to the next topic by discussing the culture of art. When people think of art, most will think of paintings and sculptures. However, art is continuously evolving as our world changes. We don’t just see paintings and sculptures in galleries, but also other things such as recycle materials and multimedia. With the imagination of the human mind, anything can become an art masterpiece.

The interview between Shannon and I was only 10 minutes, but we both had a blast! Shannon’s way of thinking is very deep and admirable for such a young age. She indeed is a lovable person.




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